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About us

DC «Khimteks» supplies dyes and auxiliary chemicals for textile enterprises of Ukraine since 2000 year. Also our customers are enterprises from Russia and Uzbekistan.

Our primary advantages are:

  • the lowest prices in Ukraine;
  • perfect quality;
  • products availability in warehouse in the city of Kherson.


We are not only selling our products, but also are providing technical service and support for our products. Consultations and technical support in applying of our products  - an integral part of the work of employees' DC «Khimteks» . For this purpose a laboratory of DC «Khimteks» was established with the most modern textile laboratory equipment.

There are constantly more then 180 items of dyes and textile chemicals in our warehouse in the city of Kherson. Regular supply - 2-3 times a month.

Please, contact us  - and you can evaluate our advantages.